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Allergy testing is not a silver bullet. It is a very short exposure to cat dander. Everybody's allergies are unique to themselves. Allergy testing is an in-depth, one-hour process, so there is a AED 500 testing fee. The testing fee will be applied toward your deposit to hold a kitten. If the test does not go well, then the testing fee is just for my time. When I come to your house for testing, I expose you to one cat at a time over an extended period to observe your tolerance to that type of cat fur in your own environment.


Then, if a particular cat is acceptable, allergy-wise, we can move on to another cat.  We can't just expose a person with allergies to all my cats in our home, as that can be overwhelming. It’s a step-by-step process. Everyone's allergies are unique to them. There are contact allergies in which a person has to actually touch a cat to see if they will break out in hives. There are sniffily, sneezing allergies and there are asthma types of allergies. Some people know immediately if they will react, and others have allergies in which the protein must accumulate in a sort of layered affect, and they don't know if it will affect them until 2 hours after we leave.


*Please prepare any allergy medications or an inhaler, and wear snag-proof clothing such as jeans and t-shirts, as the cats do have claws and items such as sweaters will snag.


Special Gift

The most unique feature of this breed is the low percentage of Fel d1.

Siberian cat is the only choice for those who are prone to cat allergies, due to the lower levels of allegens in their saliva. 

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