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Our History

My grandfather has always been very amazed by cats and it was one of his life dreams to own one. Unfortunately, due to my grandmother being allergic to cats it wasn't possible, they owned dogs during their lives but still the dream of my grandfather has always been there.

our history

I still remember the day when I visited my grands and they were so excited and were telling me how they found a hypoallergenic cat and they can finally have a cat. The excitement was above and beyond, they reserved a kitten from the breeder how I remember and they were waiting till the kitten is old enough to receive the vaccination and come home. 

Finally the day has come and they brought home their long awaited fur ball. It was a male Siberian Kitten of traditional color, brown tabby with white. They named him Boris. It was 1996 and only in 2001 they had their first litter of kittens.



I am holding Boris 28/10/1999


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