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It is always best to do your research before bringing any cat home. Siberian cats, on the average, live for some 11-15 years, though there are reports of Siberians who have passed the 25 year mark!


This means that your Siberian kitten is going to be a part of your life for a very long time. Such a personal investment on your part requires some forethought, the first of which is: Are you going to be able to give your Siberian cat the of life it needs and deserves? In general, Siberians are pretty low maintenance cats, but they do need care, affection, and it is a poor cat owner who is at least not fully informed about the growing concern about feline diet and nutrition. These are just some of the things that you will have to learn about if you are to bring a Siberian home. 


Facts about Siberian Cats

There are  few things you should know about Siberian Forest Cats. The first is that while they are generally low maintenance in terms of grooming, they have a crowning glory of abundant fur that comes in a waterproof, triple coat, and this does require some attention. The Siberian's coat is comparatively low in allergents compared to other cats, but the do molt - at least twice a year. So unless you have kept up with brushing and grooming, you'll likely find yourself with a molting cat, and a growing problem with matting and tangled fur. 


The second is that Siberians are slow to mature. It usually takes up to five years before they are full growth. This is a medium to large cat breed, so don't be suprised if you find your cat just keeps on growing, and growing, and growing, for the first few years of his life. ​

And finally, while this cat developed naturally, honed by natural conditions in the Russian wild, and is a magnificent hunter and predator, the Siberian is also a very loving, affectionate, loyal, and gentle cat. In fact, there are those who marvel at this breed's dog-like qualities. The Siberians love keeping company with their owners, and they make perfect lap cats. They are also quite calm and placid, and you'll probably be surprised how such a furry bushy cat can suddenly surprise you with his array of sweet meows, thrills, and chirps. And of course, endless purring. 


This is an intelligent breed, and they are qite trainable. They have capacity to master a great number of commands and tricks for the patient owner-teacher. They are quite agile, playful, and certainly loving. Is it any wonder that they are fast becoming a favorite breed among cat enthusiasts and cat shows around the world?


They come in all colors and coat patterns, and are characterized by a general roundness in shape. This is on account both of their abundant triple fur, as well as the solid, muscular physique. They are pretty agile, and generally healthy. So far, Siberians have been shown to be prone to only one genetic disease, and if bred responsibly, you might find yourself getting a Siberian kitten who will be part of your life for a very long time.  

Siberian History


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