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VIP Waiting List

Don't see your dream kitten yet? Maybe this Isn't the right time to add a fur-baby to your heart and home? Are you waiting for a certain coat color to become available? Maybe you are moving or going on vacation, but searching for a new kitten is still a priority?


If you have answered "Yes. to any of these questions, then join our private list of excited new owners and lock in your personal request for one of our future fur-babies.


Many of our rare coat colors such as silver tabby, wild tabby, creams, amongst others sometimes do not appear on the website for purchase. Why you might ask? Many of our darling kittens are quickly sold to members on our VIP list and never have the chance to make their appearance on our website. If you desire to purchase a rare colored kitten, or are just waiting for "the one" that speaks to your heart, the VIP list is the right place for you.


Only our paid deposit VIP customers gain access to our newest arrivals and have top priority to purchase them before they are placed on this public website. Our loyal VIP customers will receive a private link where we post our newest available kittens and can check it daily for new arrivals.


The majority of our kittens are purchased by our VIP deposit list of customers very quickly, sometimes within minutes after being posted before having the chance to debut here on our primary site.


This list ensures that we are dedicating our time to serious parties and not just window shoppers.


In order to become one of our prepaid customers please join our VIP and Waiting list in order to preview all of our newest nursery additions! 

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