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 ~   Specializing in Hypoallergenic Line   ~

Welcome to Siberian Pride Cattery

We have own Siberian cats since 1996 in Moscow, Russia. In February 2007, we moved to UAE with our cats, who are the first Siberians cats to reside in the Middle East. We are a licensed cattery and registered in EFF, specializing in low-allergy lines to help those that would not normally be able to enjoy having a cat. We are home breeders currently in the United Arab Emirates, raising high quality International and National Award Winning Siberian cats. A true Siberian Cat is the one with the proud 
look of a Siberian Tiger and a loving, loyal 
personality of a Siberian Husky. Our cats are 
pure Siberian cats and do not have any Persian 
or Siamese blood. Our desire is to keep this 
breed "pure", just as they were pure in their 
native forests.

Siberian Pride has produced Siberian kittens that currently live in many countries, including Russia, 
Sweden, Germany, Norway, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Canada, UK, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and United States. 


Come and meet our AMAZING cats, which are combinations of gentle giants, playful acrobats, and love bugs, all rolled up into one.


Although not scientifically proven, Siberian cats are considered HYPO-allergenic, HYPO meaning low, NOT completely anti-allergy aggravating. Many people with cat allergies have little or no reaction to them, due to the low level of Feline d1 protein (Fel-d1) in their saliva. We have found this to be true with members of our own family.


We hold the highest standards for good health, loving personalities, and excellent type in our cats, believing in quality before quantity. Our goal is to breed with low allergen Siberian lines while keeping the affectionate temperament and top-show standard of a true exceptional Siberian Forest cat. In order to provide the healthiest kittens possible, we are a tested FIV, Felv, PKD negative cattery. We also sonogram our adults for HCM.


Siberian cats are cute and cuddly, and they stay playful.  If you are looking for a rare Siberian Pride Siberian kitten, keep reading to discover how you can become owned by a Siberian of your very own. We screen our prospective Siberian kitten buyers thoroughly to ensure our kittens only go to the best homes possible. I will walk you through the process, answering any questions you may have. The relationship with Siberian Pride continues alive and strong for the lifetime of your exclusive Siberian companion.


Think long and hard about adopting a kitten, as it is a commitment for the next 15 years. Most importantly, make sure that you have the time to dedicate to this new family member. A beloved 
Siberian is a very special lifetime friend that will 
bring many moments of happiness.


We hope you enjoy browsing through the site, we enjoy hearing from you!




We are a tested FIV, Felv, PKD negative cattery. We also sonogram our adults for HCM

Our cats are raised in our loving home and receive personal care

We breed pure Siberians cats. All kittens are registered and hold pedigrees

Our breeding program specializing in low allergy lines. (FEL D-1 protein)




A collection of awards we've earned with honour



We are a small breeder located in the United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪. We get many inquires. Never enough Kittens for all qualified homes, which does allow us to match the very best "Forever Homes" for our Siberian Kittens. Please understand we usually do not have kittens available for immediate adoption as most of ours are already assigned to their new families before conception. However, you can always check our "Available Kitten" page or get on the "Waiting list" for the kitten of Your Dreams

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